Sucker Fundraiser

The Back of the Net is sponsoring a sucker fundraiser to help players offset some of their $200 buyout cost for the 2016-2017 school year.  Buyout helps to cover the costs of our participation in various events including the Stillwater Cup, Banquet and Senior Night and helps to provide food for our players before and after various games. First year players will also receive warm ups and a gym bag as part of their buyout package.

Suckers will come in a box of 80 suckers and sell for $1 making the total proceeds from a box $80.  Players will need to provide $20 to the booster club at the time they receive their box to cover booster club costs and will then be able to provide their $60 profit of the sale of their suckers as part of their buyout payment.  Booster club will not be receiving sucker proceeds after the receipt of the box and players are responsible for their own profits and application of profits towards their buyout payment.  All buyout monies or arrangements to pay are due by January 31, 2017. Questions regarding payments can be directed to Marisa Ritter at 918-346-9759.

Suckers will be ready for check out by players by 1/11.  Suckers will be issued at practice and players wishing to receive a box should bring $20 or will not receive their box.  Suckers are limited and will be issued based on those pre-ordering first.  You can indicate your desire below to pre-order if you have not already done so.